Forgiving Lifeway

I wrote this on the plane, before well, what I wrote in the last post.  Because the two original “last posts” got deleted.  This below is really a reaction to my lost Draft 2 of the “last post.”

I see my cynicism here—I see how begrudging and how it lacks grace.   After that rewrite, I am not here anymore…but I still want to share it.  Maybe it will help somebody.

Here is where I’m at:

In light of the last post, I’m realizing that I can accept and embrace Lifeway’s apology.  Thank you Thom Rainer and Lifeway–you are forgiven, at least by me.  His deep blessings of peace to you.


Here is what I wrote previously—uh, earlier this afternoon on the plane coming back from Mosaix 2013.

In light of the last post, I’m realizing that I can accept and embrace Lifeway’s apology.  

PR stunt?  I suppose it is not for me to weigh in on with out more info (and I have not had time to read blogs today).  A coordinated effort?  That’s obvious and a separate issue.

But overall with Lifeway, and Lifeway alone, given what I know, here is the crux:  this man who was not the president 10 years ago, remembered us and said sorry.  He did not have final earthly responsibility over the dismissive efforts of Rickshaw Rally though who knows, maybe he was in the pipeline of responsibility.  And yeah, this thing could have been done way better.

[Next time: do research on WHO was speaking out against you and fly those people and yourself to whatever conference and apologize in person. Perhaps pick a venue with over 50% Asian Americans first, so the sorry is less about you and less about making you look good.  Then, after the Asian Americans have accepted it—go ahead, and share it in another multiethnic setting.   And don’t qualify your sorry, and don’t end with a “thank you.”]

Regardless.  He’s sorry.  And I’ll accept and receive, Thom Rainer, your sorry.   I forgive Lifeway like Soong Chan Rah did.  (I think he was the main spokesperson about Rickshaw Rally?  He and others like him —not me—bore the brunt of the criticism, the weight, the pounding from speaking out.   If he can accept the sorry, I can too.)    I wish you, Thom Rainer and Lifeway peace.

My unease though with Mosaix 2013 still remains.  I don’t like what they did with the video.

But I’ve enough thinking for right now, and my soul needs to accept and soak in the grace of this organization’s sorry.  Our God is good and just, and his mercies endure forever.

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