My hedging statements

What a difference a couple days makes!  [Though apparently not to my cold which still has not resolved itself…]  But what a difference it makes to one’s emotions, to being all worked up.

I’m still thinking about this Mosaix business, and I’m thinking about what it means to be fair, to have a fair assessment of the situation—as fair as is humanly possible.  Fairness requires multiple outside parties, and other testimonies—not that I’ll necessarily be afforded those things—but still, I must do my part to be cogent.  My perception is not everything; it is flawed.   

And yet, I still feel and intuit things, and I do have some other testimonies.  I am still cringing to read my blogs, my twitter feed.  I want to keep away—where is this avoidance, dread coming from?  I think these things are worth sorting out.

To be fair to Mosaix:

  • I did not hear everything that was said.  
    I did not hear every plenary talk.  I did duck out to a meeting elsewhere.  I was late to the first night’s plenary as well.  I was late to the second day’s early morning plenary.  I left the conference early at lunch time.  
    Once upon a time, I was that sponge that made every plenary talk, that took copious notes that were good enough for a journalist to quote from.  I know this because I’ve long been that person who people borrow notes from.  I get you your “A” because as so many have told me, my notes are like if you were actually there.   This was not that time.  I did not pull out my notebook.
  • I came in with the perceptions of others; I was primed to hear for certain things.
    When I told my peers I’d be attending Mosaix, I got a lot of flack.  It ranged from polite: “Well, that’s interesting.”  to blunt, “Why you going there?”   To my peers, Mosaix was not about multiethnicity but it was about promoting a shell of multiethnicity, with a white agenda.   This made me curious, and primed me to hear certain such things.  
  • I came in with my own perceptions of multiethnicity and the multiethnic church.
    I registered for Mosaix because multiethnicity, reconciliation, the multiethnic church are very large passions of mine.  I do think this what the Bible points to—though we are not there yet.  The Kingdom really has not yet come in this regard, though perhaps it is peeking in more in some places that others.   I am not some one who needs to be sold to the idea, I am also not someone who has not been in the trenches. And I would argue I am still.  I bear the scars of someone breaking up the hard, hard ground for the work needed.    This said, my head has also been down working, I have not been listening to the overall conversation for 10 or more years.  I as curious as to where it was at. 

I’m not happy with where things are at.  As I alluded in my first post, never in my life have I felt such extremes—extremes that touched the Kingdom of God, and extremes that seemed to touch somewhere else…

Perhaps I have no right to critique Mosaix directly.  I really wasn’t 100% there.  But some of those feelings, those wondrous and yet bone chilling feelings…I can just put out there…see my next post.

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