Huff Po’s How Asian-American Millennials Practice Faith

Okay, that was interesting. Weird? Confusing? I don’t know?

Just watched Huff Po’s live conversation on topic in title.  (I think wordpress only allows certain videos to be embedded, and this is not one of them?)  Link is here.

Props to Chris Chen, Jason Chu and MC Jin for representing—that is not an easy thing.

Other pros:
-More people hearing about Asian American Christians, and that we exist = good.

-Though the panel was all male and of Chinese descent, it was an interesting spectrum of guys. Chris Chen is your filmmaker, a bit more articulate, sort-of came across to me as well-to-do, and then you had two rappers—-Jason Chu, who I know studied philosophy at Yale and tried to talk more about theology, the church at large; and MC Jin, who gave a very personal testimony about his faith (he valued his “defeats” when he was brought to his knees to hear God’s voice and his dad becoming a Christian this year). I liked that all 3 had their own unique voices.

Huff Po integrated others. It integrated comments that were also live streaming to the right of the video, like tim_tseng_historian, who if it is Tim Tseng the Historian is cool, b/c this guy is quoted in lots of places.  He’s a legit authority.  But anyway—I was surprised how easy it is to get quoted in there—especially early on when there were only 30 some odd comments.  I tried to jump in there, but every time I tried to sign in with Twitter, it told me to do so with FB, and me J Lee, have no FB.

Huff Po was up on the Asian American Christian scene. At least as it pertains to secular media. It opened with Dr. Peter Cha’s quote in the New York Times about how our home churches are like in the in between of the old and new. (Cha is a Trinity prof who also was one of the authors of the 9 or so existing popular AAC books out there, the one with the awful cover, Following Jesus without Dishonoring your Parents.) And it asked about the Open Letter which Jason Chu said he signed.

Despite these great things….what was that?

It was nice, I guess. But it was like people were just talking. And I’m confused as to what.

Everyone came from a different point of view—there was no attempt to make for common ground. I suppose that’s not possible in the 20 or so minutes allotted—but doesn’t that beg for a more refined question, a topic of a narrower scope?

I didn’t learn much about how Asian Americans practice faith at all.

What I learned was that AA’s are starting to be cool (Chris Chen) and AA’s are not seen as cool always (Jason Chu), and that the Huffington Post doesn’t know very much about us.

And I wonder if we Asian American Christians know anything about ourselves either..

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