Jesus come already! I’m getting sick of my Advent chocolates.

I have posts floating in my head, and but what a crazy week!  I hope you all are having a much more peaceful and less-stressed Advent season!

Wanted to share this quick thought:

I love advent countdown calendars!  Especially the chocolate ones.  I got a premium box this year, but they still consist of 24 of the same tasting chocolates.

The first several days, I couldn’t wait to eat my chocolate.  They are that good.  But now, as I’m about to eat the 17th one, I’m not as eager.  I’m sick of my chocolate—the same one, every day.

Jesus come already!  I find myself thinking.  And then laughing.

And in a weird way—that is one of the major points of Advent, right?   We yearn for Jesus to come, for God to DO SOMETHING! We want God to intervene in the hard stuff of the world.   We anticipate, we impatiently wait, we struggle with the wait, we are sick of the wait…we are sick of being fed the same things.  Oh, how we long for something new, for someone to do something new, for someone to come and make all things new!!!!   How we long for something different, to be saved from not knowing what to do, from the difficulties of a situation, from chronic annoyances, from our own boredom.  How we long for something…special, even supernaturally different.

Until God comes, I’ll figure out some human way to fix my problem, to live better.  There’s grace in that too…but oh boy—nothing I can come up with compares to the solutions, the ideas, the feelings when God comes!

Jesus come, come God come.

Until then, I think I will stick this 17th chocolate into some hot chocolate.  Extra sugar high for some extra jitters.  Because, you know, I wouldn’t want to waste that chocolate…

Oh Lord have mercy!

Jesus come.  Do come soon.

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