Why comments currently are off

Basically, the point of this blog is for me to process through my jumbled emotions about race, ethnicity, culture, Christianity whatever.

Comments are off because comments affect me.  I actually read them.   I actually think about them.

I already have too many thoughts, and I want to get them out first.

After I get them out, if anyone is reading (and honestly, I’m not used to an audience), then sure, I’ll be open to engaging with folk.   I’d welcome it.

But thank you, for the two comments I received before I remembered to turn comments off.

One comment

  1. This comment is personally for you:

    The confusion you feel – the nausea, coupled with guilt because others seem able to receive the apology as sincere – is a normal and healthy response to encountering something profoundly unhealthy and deceptive. What you encountered from LifeWay officials is a deep double-mindedness – a spiritual schizophrenia – that has characterized the Southern Baptist Convention since its inception. You rightly felt disoriented as you watched the outworking of a dual loyalty that spurred leaders to start the denomination in 1845, became even more profoundly imbedded during the Civil War and Reconstruction eras and has never been dealt with at its root.

    One loyalty – and the one held up as the only loyalty – is loyalty to Christ. The other loyalty – and the most profound – is loyalty to things associated with Christ, in this case, the denomination itself. I’ve described the tragic development of this double-mindedness and its ongoing fallout in the US church in my book, We Confess! The Civil War, the South, and the Church.

    When you talk to one face of schizophrenia, that face appears genuine. And, in a sense, it is. That face is a true expression of one part of the whole. But it is not the whole. Rather, the whole has been fragmented; the true identity, lost; and a false identity, adopted and guarded at all costs.

    When LifeWay, or any SBC entity, approves and does what appears to be genuinely godly, remember that you’re seeing one face of a deep spiritual schizophrenia.

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